Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Tonight is the deadline for the submission of the Rank Order List (ROL). To be exact, 9PM EST. I have certified my ROL on 02/08 and once you do that the status on your ROL page at the NRMP web becomes CERTIFED ROL. Since then I have frequented my NRMP account just to make sure those words did not turn into a different color.  Because only "certified" ROL will be used for the match. Yes. I am paranoid, obsessive-compulsive, crazy, you name it. BUT not once did I change my rank order. So that's an accomplisment.

Then comes the agonizing wait until March 15 when the results of the matching comes out. However, I wouldn't even know then where I have been matched. The result merely tells me whether I have been matched or not. Unfilled positions will be released the next day so people who have not been matched can apply to these positions. This is called The Scramble. This can be VERY tricky though because this is a game of who submits their application first. My hubby will be taking that day off from work just in case I need to scramble for dear life. Then on March 18 the real results of the match will be released: which program I have been matched to. This whole match thing can be complicated but I do believe in its integrity. If you really want something you have to go through a whole lot of something too ;)

To be honest, I like all the programs on my list. I would be happy to match with any of them. It took me 9 days to figure out my ROL but I am quite happy with my decision. Let's just hope my #1 program ranked me high enough ;) The program director said he would but....I can't rely on anything at this point but God. It's all up to Him now. I have done my part. And no matter which program I ranked which, at the end of the day, God's will will still prevail.

Good luck to all the players of The Match! This is a very exciting and yet frustrating game ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Chill Station

I'm a huge fan of chill-out music. I listen to it most of the time throughout the course of the day: driving to work, working out at the gym, doing yoga at home, and  lulling myself to sleep on a disturbing night.
 I have selected 2 videos that I always watch when I'm in the mood for relaxation and meditation....

CFCF: You Hear Colours


Bliss: Kissing


Friday, February 12, 2010

V-day surprise

Every year on Valentine's Day I receive a vase of red roses at work. It's always from the same flower shop, always wrapped in the same way and always signed by "Your Secret Admirer."

I know for sure it's from my husband but up to this day he always denies it. He even threatened to skin the man alive when he finds out who he is. Yeah right ;)

Thanks honey! :) I love you....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I read my first Stephen King book 20 years ago. My good friend Lea lent me this book called The Drawing Of The Three which is actually the 2nd book of the Dark Tower series. Ever since then I got hooked and wanted to read more and explore his dark imagination. Biography

Over the years I have tried to keep up with him but always found myself out of breath! The guy comes out with a book almost every year. Sometimes more than 1 a year! Not to mention that I had some financial constraints in acquiring the books so I would resort to going to libraries and borrowing from my friends. Luckily though I found some of his books in thrift stores which I snagged automatically. And some of his old books were on sale too so I never let money deprive me of this little pleasure.

Here's the list of the books I read:

IT (and movie)
Cujo (and movie)
Christine (and movie)
Misery (and movie. Kathy Bates was awesome!)
The Eyes Of The Dragon
The Shining (and movie. Jack Nicholson was amazing!)
Night Shift
Thinner (and movie)
Nightmares And Dreamscapes
Needful Things (and movie)
The Tommyknockers (and movie)
Desperation (and movie)
The Regulators
Gerald's Game
Different Seasons
Carrie (and movie)
The Dark Half (and movie)
The Dead Zone (and movie)
The Stand (and movie)
Pet Sematary (and movie)
The Talisman
Skeleton Crew
Four Past Midnight
Dark tower series (The Gunslinger, The Drawing Of The Three, The Wastelands, Wizard and Glass, Song of Susannah, The Dark Tower)
Complete Book List 

He also wrote original screenplays for movies and TV series which were not based on his books: Children Of The Corn, The Dream Catcher, Rose Red, Stand By Me, Kingdom Hospital, 1408 and Sleepwalkers. The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile are 2 of my favorite movies ever and these were based on his novellas as well.  Complete Movie List 

One thing funny about Stephen is that he likes doing a cameo appearance on some of his movies. Watch Stephen King's Cameo On Sleepwalker.

Back in college I chose his book, Thinner, for my book report in English. I am proud to say that I left my classmates mesmerized after I presented my report. Got a 96 ;)

Stephen King will never cease to amaze me. He is a genius. His stories can make you laugh, cry, scream in the dark and fall in love. The thing I love about Stephen the most is his great understanding of humanity. He depicts human beings very profoundly making you understand how it is to be truly human and what we are capable of doing and becoming.

I hope Stephen will continue to share his thoughts and imagination for years and years to come. I know I would need a stress reliever from a long day at work. And on a lazy afternoon, what would one want more than curl up on the couch, a book on the right hand and a cup of hot choco on the other?....

To Stephen King: Thank you :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My thoughts on a boring day at work

Every day we are faced with situations where we need to make a
decision. It can be a minor thing such as choosing what to wear for
work or what to make for dinner. But there are also instances when we
need to make major decisions which can alter the course of our life's
path. I am in this cross road and I have no idea how to even start
this decision process. I thought I'm the kind of person who knows
exactly what she wants but priorities have changed and my way of
thinking has changed as well. I am at the stage of my life where
everything is no longer about me. I have passed the narcissistic stage
so to speak.

Do the means justify the goals we try to achieve? Should we do
anything to meet our life's dream despite the possibility of
sacrificing the ones we love and the little pleasures in life?

 I used to live my life thinking only of the future. I live in the
now so I can have a better future. But lately I've  realized that what
and who we are now define our future. Let's not worry too much about the future. The future can take care of itself when it comes.

So I decided to live my life now to the fullest and worry about
tomorrow when tomorrow comes. We absolutely cannot control what
tomorrow will bring. Being a control freak as I am brought me lots of
misery. I worried about the future too much and in the process I tend
to deprive myself of enjoying the moment I am at.

I have a huge decision to make about my future. But since today is a
lovely day I will not be making a decision. I will instead enjoy the
rest of my day doing what I love to do and think about my future
tomorrow. Sounds good.....I'll see you tomorrow ;)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ok so I am absolutely gaga over this TV show called LOST. I've loved it since day one when it first came out and I was still back home in the Philippines.

Last night was the season premier of its final season. I've been waiting for it to come out for months and I must say it was definitely worth the wait :)

WARNING: Spoilers! If you haven't watched the episode yet please stop reading now.

Mind-boggling points:

*Jacob is dead?! Who is he and how old is he? I know he's been around the island since time immemorial so he's gotta be at least 100, right? And how did he get to the Island? I hope the show will talk more about him coz I definitely wanna know more. There is a sense of serenity about him.

*John Locke is dead so who is the fake one? I gotta say I freaked out when the guys opened the huge box, turned it on its side and the corpse (still not decomposing tho ;) ) of John Locke tumbled out of it! So the fake Locke is basically  a copy cat and it's actually really Jacob's eternal-nemesis-with-no-name. Looking back on one of the episodes we see Jacob talking to this mean-looking guy in a black shirt. The guy seemed to harbor a huge animosity towards Jacob and he definitely has a great plan to kill him. And he succeeded. Poor Jacob. And poor Ben! He was used by the fake Locke by poisoning his mind to kill Jacob since he (Jacob's nemesis posing as Locke) cannot do it himself due to some law. So 2 people are now dead: John Locke and Jacob.

*Not poor Juliet! She's sooo sweet! :( Yeah. She's dead too :( After all that rescuing she still died. That sucks! I liked her. Death toll: 3.

*There's another set of "OTHERS"? :-O This new set of "Others"seem to be older (meaning more of a native-looking and ancient) and nicer than Ben's group. But where did they come from? Have they been in the island all this time?

*Sayid: Dead? Not anymore! Death toll for this episode was climbing to 4 but towards the end Sayid was resurrected! Hurray for the new set of "Others"! So these people really do have powers. Well, actually, it was the pool that did it. I'm glad Sayid lived though. He's cute :)

*Other dimension?! So after Juliet detonated the H-bomb the next scene was that of some of our main characters on the Oceanic flight to LAX. Is this some sort of a different dimension?! Because the scenes keep going back and forth between the island and LAX :-/

I found this website that can answer all our endless mind-twisting questions: Lostpedia  Yes! Somebody even created a wiki-like website just for LOST. How sweet! ;)

Ahhhhhh! Can't wait for Tue to come! :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Back to the gym

I stopped working out 3 months ago. Main reason: I was studying. Secondary reason: I got lazy.

Then I underwent a hormonal treatment for a certain condition. And then the holidays came.  Of course you gotta blame it on the holidays. I probably gained 5-7 lbs. Many people said I was too skinny. Maybe I was. My BMI was only 18.4. I guess gaining some weight was not bad after all. But then the bulges formed and I was not happy at all. I need some toning here please!

So I decided to muster some courage to drive to the gym. That was January 5. Still too lazy and unmotivated. This weekend I shopped for a pair of pants which I needed for some fancy occasion. I broke the damn zipper! That's it! It's time.

So today was my first day back at the gym! Hurray! I did the elliptical for 15 min, sit-ups and lifted some weights. After 45 min of working out I felt reborn! Ahhhhh....sweat....muscles will be sore tomorrow...but it feels gooood :)

Plan: M-W-Sat.

Better stick to it or else!