Saturday, January 15, 2011

A blissful month

I was on leave for a month. Being with my baby 24/7 was a bliss! :) And the best part of all, she was an easy baby to take care of. She would only cry when hungry and tired. She wouldn't even care if she had a dirty diaper.

Me, on the other hand, was limping for the first week post partum because of symphysis pubic dysfunstion. So it was a bit frustrating when I couldn't move too fast to attend to the baby. But that is just a tiny sacrifice. At least I didn't have any major complications.

The baby had no problem sleeping at night. She did not confuse day from night. She initially fed every 2 hours and gradually stretched to 3 hours. She absolutely LOVES to stretch! And when she does she makes this funny groan like she was a grown MAN! ;) She looks more like daddy and that doesn't bother me at all. However, most people think that it does coz when they comment on that they apologize and give me that look of pity like it's the most devastating thing in the world for your child not to look like you! Seriously?! But I'm still hopeful she would turn into mini-me when she grows up ;) She was growing up fast! She was born 6 lbs 15 oz and on her 4th week appointment she weighed 10 lbs and 8 oz! Her newborn clothes only fit until her 2nd week and she started wearing 3-month size clothes. Well, she's tall for one. I think it's the length more than the width. Nah! Who am I kidding? This kid is chubby! :)

It was getting emotional towards the end of my leave. I would cry thinking of leaving my baby. Heck I would cry watching a child with the mother on TV. I was seriously thinking of extending my leave for another month but then it would mean that I would have to extend my training. Hubby was totally against it. I didn't care. And there was the issue of child care. My mother was supposed to come and help out but for some reason she had a strict immigration officer during the interview and she was denied for a tourist visa :( She was so devastated :( It's her first grandchild and she's being denied to see her. How cruel is that?! Anyway, we found a great babysitter.

That month came and gone like the wind. It's time to go back to work...sigh...

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